Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Yellow Metro Line is now working till 9 pm

Today the Yellow Metro Line of São Paulo started a new working time. From now on, the subway is running until 9 pm.

Until now, the Yellow Line operated only from 4h40 am to 3 pm, from Monday to Friday, because the trains were still going through testing.

This is the second change on the Yellow Line this month. On June 3, it became possible to make the transfer between the Yellow line at the the stations Pinheiro and Line 9-Emerald (Osasco-Grajaú) of the CPTM (Paulista Metropolitan Trains Company).

According to the companies, the integration receives around 100 thousand people daily. From now on, more passengers will be served.

The free transfer between the two stations in Pinheiros is via a walkway on the Marginal Pinheiros length of 56.5 meters, a height of 6.65 meters. The walkway is covered and enclosed on the sides.

The Pinheiros station, which was opened in May, was the fourth station of the 4-Yellow Line to be opened. In March, was the inauguration of the station Butantã. The stations Faria Lima and Sao Paulo are on duty since May 2010. It is expected that the line will have 11 stops, over almost 13 km, connecting the stations Luz and Vila Sonia.

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