Thursday, September 8, 2011

Casa Xiclet celebrates 10 years in a big party. Don't miss it!

Picture from the II Salão dos Artistas Sem Galeria
The Casa da Xiclet Galeria, led by Adriana Xiclet, is a space where you can find art works from artists of São Paulo. Actually, she literally turned her house into a real gallery to host and expose pieces of her friends. On September 11th, the Galery celebrates 10 years of existance and Xiclet decided to create an exhibition called "10 Anos Sem Vitória – O Fracasso Nunca Me Subiu a Cabeça" (10 years without glory - The failure never made up my head). This thematic event aims to discuss the way most of galleries present themselves to the public. Check the lists of artists presents on the event:
  • Fabiana Arruda, Matheus, Jailtão, Leopoldo Tauffenbach, Adriana Latorre, Marcio Villar, Naná Spogis, Patrícia Possa, Priscilla Buschinelli e Luciano Cardoso; 
  • Amanda Mei, Dácio Bicudo, Flambart Dollyman, Gedley Belchior Braga, Giba Gomes, Iris Waack, Khalil Charif, Luisa Editore, Marcel Fernandes, Marcela Tiboni, Marcelo Moraes, Mazzilli, Marcos Freitas, Rossanna Jardim, Tania Nitrini, Veruska Almeida, Vitor Mizael e Yara Dewachter; 
  • Amaral Falcão, André Albuquerque, André Sztutman, Chico Oliva, Daniel de Paula, Deni Pisciotta Lantzman, Enrico Lima, Gabriel Muller Barbosa, Jan de Maria Nehring, Luisa Dória, Lucas Schlosinski, Luana Saggioro, Luciano Rocha e Rafael Aboud Piovani; 
  • Caco Lerner, Deni Pisciotta Lantzman, Fernando Meyer o “Xina”, Gabriel Muller Barbosa, Jeesse Ferreira Farias Junior, Rafael Gatuzzo Barbieri, trio Viralata/Viralobos/Pequinês and Tarik Juan Klein;
  • Isac Enriquez (Chicago, USA) and Genta Higashi (Tokyo, Japan) and Xiclet.
The pieces of the exhibition will be on sale during the event. Go visit! We recomend!

What: Casa Xiclet Galeria
Where: Rua Fradique Coutinho,1855
When: September 11, from 3 pm till 11 pm.
Price: Free to get in, R$ 20 open bar; R$ 20 open food.
Phone: +55 (11) 2579-9007

Art work of Astrid Esslinger

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