Monday, September 26, 2011

Today, the Luz e Republica Metro Stations of the 4-Yellow line start to work from 4h40 am till midnight

From now on, working from 4h40 am till midnight, Monday to Saturday.
Starting today, the brand new stations Luz and Republica of the 4-Yellow Line will be open as much as the entire Metro system, from 4h40 all till midnight.

But for now, none of the stations of the 4-Yellow Line (Paulista, Faria Lima, Pinheiros and Butantã) work on Sundays. All of them keep being tested.

With extended hours of operation, the Metro hopes to reduce the overcrowded movement of the Station Sé (3-Red Line) and the Luz-Paraíso, the most heavily laden of the (1-Blue Line).

The Bras Station should also have decrease of users because the possibility of integration with the lines of the CPTM at the Luz.

According to the Metro, the current daily demand of 260 thousand users can reach 500 thousand by the end of this year. On the 4-Yellow Line, you can access the CPTM lines through the Pinheiros and Luz Stations.

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