Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morumbi Stadium has a new project for the World Cup 2014

After the new project, the Morumbi Stadium thrived on the competition to host the World Cup opening game.

The São Paulo soccer team took a great step yesterday aiming to receive the opening game at the Morumbi Stadium. At a meeting in Switzerland, the club could convince the FIFA to raise the status of the stadium for the World Cup in Brazil.

Previously the Stadium was widely criticized by FIFA and at that time, it could only host up to the round of eight.

The New Project 
The São Paulo's new status came up after the modernization project of Morumbi.

The club managed to solve two major problems highlighted by the FIFA. The hospitality industry, will be expanded. The new project, will provide a good overview of the field.

FIFA, however, still waiting for the new changes in the project to which São Paulo is the chosen seat of the opening.

The elevation of its status, turns the Morumbi stronger to fight for the post against Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. The FIFA will announce the opening game destination before the end of the year.

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