Monday, February 1, 2010

Sao Paulo was 1mm to break the historic city's rainfall record during January

Rainy afternoon in the centre of São Paulo. Despite it was January 31st this rain didn't help to break the record. The measuring ended at 9am.
The city of Sao Paulo ended the month of January with an amount of rain accumulated 0.9 mm less than the record registered by the National Institute of Meteorology. This year, between January 1st and 31st, the agency reported an accumulation of 480.5 mm of rain in the city. The highest value recorded in the month of January is 1947, with 481.4 mm.

The Inmet began to make measurements in the city in 1943. Since then, beyond 1947, rainy winters were recorded in 1987 with 442.3 mm of rain, and 421.8 mm in 1950.

During the weekend, there was the expectation that the record would be broken because it was missing less than 1 mm of water for this. The rates reported by Inmet were found in a single season which is in the district of Santana in the north of the city. Measurement made every day with regard to the content of rain accumulated until 9am. Thus, the rain that hit the city on Sunday afternoon (31) was not computed in the measurement of Inmet.

The Centro de Gerenciamento de Emergências, CGE (Centre of Emergency Management) of the City has 31 measurement points scattered in various regions of the state capital and is an average amount of rainfall of all points for the rainfall of the city on a given day. According to the measurements of the CGE, it rains in the state capital every day since December 23rd.
[source: g1]

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