Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A theatrical presentation will happen in a wall outside a building and can be seen from the Paulista Avenue

A theatrical presentation about a Kafka's story will be performed outside of the building of the SESC Paulista. The event was designed to be seen from inside the building, where the actors will be doing the presentation from outside the glass wall. The tickets are sold out, but it will be possible to see (not with the same quality as inside, mainly because the absence of sound and proper structure of light) from the Paulista Avenue. The event will happen about 18 meters above the ground.

In the Kafka's story (The Castle), a surveyor can not work for the lord of a castle because of the bureaucracy procedures applied to get to him.

In Kastelo (adaptation), the action is transposed to the daily life of a corporation in which employees work obsessively, always with the possibility of becoming "disposable". This scenario highlight the confusion mood and misinformation approached by Kafka. The presentation takes about one hour.

Where: SESC Paulista
When: February 3rd to March 14th, Thursday to Sunday at 9pm. The presentation will be canceled if it is raining.
How Much: R$ 20 R$ 10 (sold out)

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