Friday, February 5, 2010

The Rua Augusta has now a brand new 'Bloco' of Carnival

A group of friends in the region of Rua Augusta in Sao Paulo set up a small "Bloco" of carnival called "Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta" (Scholars of the Lower Augusta). The name is in honor to the region of the street that these friends attend most: Baixo Augusta.

One of the founder members of the group, Alexandre Youssef, says the intention is to celebrate the revitalization of this very famous area of the city. The idea came about when this group of friends met at a wedding and decided to organize the "Bloco". This will be the first Carnival and the official singer will be Simoninha (famous singer from São Paulo), Marisa Orth (famous Brazilian actress) will be the Godmother of the battery and Greg Bousquet is a lean version of the traditional and plump Rei Momo (King).

It's first and unique parade will take place this coming Sunday's pre-Carnival, February 7th at the Sonique (Rua Bela Cintra, 461), night club also partner of the project. Once there, a sound truck and a metal band with 10 people and five percussion will lead the party, which will be dictated by carnival songs, and the anthem of the bloco, composed by Leo Madeira, Edu Crieguer Pliny Profeta and Alexandre Youssef.

The concentration will be from 2pm to 4pm, when the Bloco begins its way, going down the Rua Bela Cintra toward to the center. However, little further, the slope of Rua Costa Street, the Bloco goes right toward the Rua Augusta, then left to end at the number 591 of the Street, where is the night club Studio SP. It will be 700 meters of party.

SP has a tradition in Blocos
It's a mistake to think that the history of Carnival Blocos is restricted to Rio de Janeiro. Unidos de Vila Carmozina, Caprichosos do Piqueri, Bloco Umes Caras Pintadas, Vovó Balão de Pirituba, Amigos da Zona Leste, Chorões da Tia Gê... There are many blocos throughout the city - most coming in the days of Carnival.

In the Jardins suburb, the band Guéri-Guéri, founded in 1986 by Roberto Matarazzo Suplicy (brother of the senator) was for years one of the most traditional Blocos in the city.
[source: terra]

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