Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rosas de Ouro is the winner of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010

The Samba School Rosas de Ouro was declared the winner of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010. The determination came up this afternoon (February 16th) at the Sambódromo of São Paulo. The Rosas de Ouro Samba School had a hard match against the last year champion 'Mocidade Alegre' on the Special Group. Both of them were racing together for the final result, was 0.25 of difference.

There were 14 Samba Schools competing this year. The 'Leandro de Itaquera' and the 'Imperador do Ipiranga' Samba Schools were transfered to the access group. The assessed topics were: bateria (battery), comissão de frente (front commission), alegorias e adereços (allegories and props), enredo (plot), fantasia (fantasy), evolução (evolution), mestre-sala e porta-bandeira (master of ceremonies and flag-bearer), samba-enredo (theme song) e harmonia (harmony).

During the result determination, the Gaviões da Fiel Samba School supporters threw objects towards the area reserved for press and the school board.

An object hit a Radio reporter on his head, which caused injuries. He was taken to the hospital and is ok.

The objects were hurled after 'Gaviões da Fiel' Samba School received poor grades in the topics plot and battery.

Security was one of the Public Minister's concerns about hosting the celebration at the Sambódromo. The comission declared after a detalied evalution that the police force wasn't enough to the event's dimention. It became a good decision after this incident. Congratulations to the Rosas de Ouro Samba School.

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