Friday, May 28, 2010

Empanadas Bar

The Empanadas Bar was founded in 1980 by a Chilean and an Argentine. It was called Martin Fierro until the company finishes, ten years later. The Empanadas Bar in Vila Madalena is the best reference of São Paulo when it comes to empanadas. The bar has been a stronghold of leftist intellectuals, filmmakers discussed their projects on its tables, political and cultural revolutions were born and died on the same night, among the aromas of the empanadas fillings.

Nowadays, the place became more eclectic, getting students from all corners of the city, athletes and neo-hippies. The flavors arebeef, chicken, chicken with cream cheese, cheese, palm hearts, cream cheese with pepperoni, spinach, dried meat and other options. You can also ask a lot of smaller empanadas: a good option for those who want to know a little of what the house offers.

When: Every day from 1 pm 
Where:Rua Wisard 489 - Sao Paulo

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