Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walking tour introduces the Street art of SÃO PAULO. Come to enjoy it!

There are many stories behind the colorful walls around the city! It's necessary to get close to understand the poetry. Surely you would enjoy it!

Some people may say it is vandalism, but the vast majority faces as artistic expression. The Graffiti has already cemented its place as a urban culture, especially into São Paulo´s culture.

The Street Art Walk leads you to its colorful universe, recognized by many as one of the most important artistic expressions of the 21st century. It's possible to pass by incredible alleys and old school stores inside the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, and indulge in art, graffiti art, as if you were in a street museum.

This Street Art Walk organized by Soul Sampa was made for those interested in a different side of São Paulo and also for all graffiti & street art lovers.

Soul Sampa is offering through the insidesaopaulo, a special discount for this Saturday (May 8th): Street Art Walk for R$50 each (30% off)!

You can join the walk sending an email to saying you’re an insidesaopaulo reader! It’s a great opportunity to get out of the online world and meet many other people. Come up!

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