Monday, May 10, 2010

Transport for the Virada Cultural

This year, the Sao Paulo Transport (SPTrans) created a special line of buses to help those who want to enjoy the activities offered by the Virada Cultural.

The circular line 2001/10  Terminal Bandeira / Terminal Princesa Isabel /Amaral Gurgel and Parque  Dom Pedro II, will operate without interruption from 4 pm of Saturday, May 15 th until midnight of Sunday, April 16th. The circuit was set in order to pass through the points where the concentration of activities and shows will be. The line includes six buses, all accessible, which will depart every 10 minutes.  Those who choose to use the special line will be surprised by cultural presentations  held within the bus. Among them circus, stand up comedy, workshop with puppets, musical performances and storytellers.

To encourage people to use public transport, the SPTrans decided to anticipate the time of ticket Amigão (Buddy ticket), that can be use from 4pm ofSaturday until the midnight of Sunday.  You can make up to four integrations in a period of eight hours, only paying R$ 2.70.  In the last edition of the Virada Cultural, 400 000 people used the Ticket Amigãoduring the event. For this year, the SPTrans estimates that half a million users will use it.

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