Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reciclamundo, boutique and coffee. Come to find out!

Reciclamundo opened it's doors eight years ago and it was something pioneer at Vila Madalena. Tatiana Ammar wandered around Europe in 2000 where she took the idea, later she wanted to reproduce the concept, putting shopping and cooking together in a single environment. Thus the store was born, it sells women's clothing, gifts and decorative items. At the bottom of the boutique, a surprise: the café in the garden floor of boulders and five outdoor tables surrounded by plants. The visit will only be worthwhile if the day is sunny. When it rains, collect the furniture and the space-improvises a narrow inner area.

In the kitchen, Nelia Maria Rosa dos Santos prepares most of the dishes. Simple but tasty. Among them is the brie cheese rocketand apricot jam bruschetta (R$ 18 a piece). In addition to vegetarian  quiches (eggplant, zucchini, raisins and cashews (R$ 19.50), served with salad, lasagna of turkey breast with spinach (R$ 23) confirms the vocation to lightness cuisine.
Where: Rua Harmonia, 303 — São Paulo
Website: http://www.reciclamundo.com.br/

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