Friday, May 14, 2010

Something more about Virada Cultural

The 24 hours no stop of cultural event inside Sao Paulo will give us many options to have fun, enjoy good music, visit the museum we never had time to know and walk around the city center. The program is huge, we already gave you some info but here some more things to know about the Virada Cultural 2010.
  • There will be a train of CPTM going from Luz station to Bras station where there will be played music of Adoniran Barbosa,one of the most important samba composer of the city.
  • In the praça Ramos there will be a Chopin Voador (Flying Chopin), the public will see the performance of Ricardo Perez & Collective Giant playing Chopin on a piano hanging in the air.
  • The Anhangabau valley will be invaded by giant insects, led by members of the Spanish group Sarruga.
  • The best 10 pastel producer will be selling during the Virada, have a look on the post we wrote about that competition.
  • In the Galeria Prestes Maia there will be a space dedicated to tattoo artists and presentations of body suspension, in which artists are hung on hooks passed through the skin.
  • The praça Roosvelt will have events related to the "nerd" universe such as cosplay parades (costumes of Japanese pop culture), role-playing games and toy art exhibition.

We are sure you'll find what suits you best. Enjoy it!

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