Monday, November 7, 2011

Vai-Vai Samba School. Come to visit it!

Located in the Bexiga neighborhood, this Samba School is one of the largest organizations of the Brazilian Carnival and has won more than 10 titles in the São Paulo Carnival competitions. Vai-Vai was the winner of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2011 through the theme "A Música Venceu!", in honor to the maestro João Carlos Martins.

The members of the Escola de Samba Vai-Vai first started participating in Carnival in 1914. However, Vai-Vai didn't become recognized as an official samba school until 1972. The name was inspired by the Cai-Cai soccer team, which formed a carnival group affectionately known as Vae Vae because the group would show up uninvited to the "rodas de samba" and be sent away with a cheery "Vai-Vai" (Go-Go).

The school's official colors are black and white and has approximately 3,000 members. Rehearsals, which start in the second half of each year, are really exciting. 

What: Vai-Vai Samba School
Where: Rua São Vicente, 276
When: Check the website for rehearsal dates and special exhibitions.
Phone: +55 (11) 3105-8725

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