Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xilo Shirt store sells T-Shirts printed using woodcut technique. Exclusive and not expensive!

That is an advice for those looking for an authentic Brazilian product. The "gaucho" artist (he from Rio Grande do Sul State) D'Julia Gangary draws artistic images on wood surfaces (woodcut) to be stamped on T-shirts. He has created the technic based on xylograph.

Previously he used create sculptures in wood. Changing the core market was a consequence... The T-Shirts are very nice and the store already offers over 50 differents stamps. Since the all the matrixes are there, even is the T-Shirt is not available at the moment you arrive at the shop, Gangary can intantly print to you. It takes just 5 minutes each. The prices range from R$ 40 to R$ 60.

What: Xilo Shirt
Where: Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 1787
Price: R$ 40 to R$ 60
Phone: +55 (11) 3034-2206

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