Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Insidesaopaulo Experience! (Saturday - November 26th) Come to have a drink and meet people who are in town, just like you

This Saturday (November 26th), will happen the first Insidesaopaulo Experience! Come to have a drink with foreigners like you that are traveling or living in Sao Paulo.

Insidesaopaulo has organized with the owner of the restaurant Estação SP to host this meeting where the blog will offer snacks and you can buy your drink. The price of the beer will much cheaper than normal price, as the blog has agreed with the restaurant.

It can be a great chance for you to meet a "gringo" like you in Sao Paulo.

The idea came from the recent experience I, Diego Ramos, had through the Tandem meetings I had organized with some very interesting overseas living in Sao Paulo. Those meetings where set to be a quick language exchange, between English and Brazilian Portuguese. It was so good that the idea came up to my mind: why don't organize a meeting for the insidesaopaulo readers? A meeting where you, that are living in Sao Paulo or even just passing through the city, could meet new people and share some of the experiences you may had have the chance to live... So here we go!

Tell your friends and please, bring your ideas for these, that can be the very first of many meetings organized by insidesaopaulo!

When and Where
What: Insidesaopaulo Experience!
Where: Estação SP Design - Rua Haddock Lobo, 1012
When: November 26th at 3 pm till 7 pm. The restaurant will be exclusive for the insidesaopaulo meeting.
Price: For free! There will be offered snacks but the beer will be cheaper than usually charged on the restaurant.
Phone: +55 (11) 3898-2335 - Restaurant; and +55 (11) 87025768 - Diego Ramos
Restaurant website: (Portuguese)


  1. Grrreat idea! Unfortunately I won't be here tomorrow but I hope this happening will be a big sucess so that there will be another soon!


  2. it was a super meeting, I'm looking forward to the next one!