Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ducha – Where to but your Brazilian soap

This is the result of a partnership between a chemist and an art director. The store has the proposal of taking care of the bath and enhance the bathroom with differentiated products ranging from cosmetics and other objects such as furniture and accessories.

The space is has plenty of colors and aromas of tropical fruits. The cosmetics are produced with raw materials and have fresh aromas, which give that bathed feeling. Orange, lemon balm and ginger with vanilla are some of the fragrances. Products that carry these three fragrances are soap bars, liquid soap, cologne after-bath, moisturizing cream, exfoliating gel, bath oil and bath infusions. To complete the atmosphere, candle and incense for the environment. Besides cosmetics you'll find a specific line of furniture for bathroom with clean and functional forms.

Where: Rua Alagoas 503, loja 1 - Higienopolis, Sao Paulo
Phone: (11) 3826 - 3994

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