Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new law requires that street markets will have to be out of the street at 2pm

The traditional street markets working all over the city will have to end one hour earlier from now on. A decree signed by Mayor Gilberto Kassab establishes that the market will have to work between 7:30 and 12:30. After that, the tents will have to be out of the street at 2pm.

Previously the market traders could sell their products till 1h30pm and had the obligation to leave the street at 3pm. According to the Government, responsible for the supervision of the street markets, it aims to avoid traffic jams.

However, some exceptions will be applied. Those street markets that are not held in the streets and avenues do not have to follow the timetable that was set by the city, such as the Benedito Calixto Market (organized in a public square every Saturday). The vendors that do not comply with the established schedule may take a warning, be fined or even suspended.

The decree also provides a new penalty for retailers: if there is recurrence, the market will be suspended for a month and, ultimately, may even be canceled.

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