Thursday, January 28, 2010

Warming up to the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010 starts tomorrow

Mocidade Alegre was the School of Samba winner of the Carnival 2009

The Carnival is coming and the samba schools of São Paulo want to anticipate the celebration: tomorrow, the Sambódromo starts to receive technical trials and general members of the 14 schools of Carnaval 2010. The trials will be open to the public and will always start at 8pm.

The "Escolas de Samba" (School of Samba) will take their members to the runway, but won't reveal any "carro alegórico" or costume. Each one has it's own scheduled time to perform. The trials will take place until the first day of the parade, which starts on February 12th.

On this weekend, 12 schools among the 14 subscribed on the special group will be on the "Sambódromo". The complete agenda of all the trials is available at

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