Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trials for the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010 are already happening for free!

Last night, Samba Schools of the special group of the São Paulo Carnival did some trials at the Sambódromo. The Samba Schools scheduled for yesterday were: Afoxé, Imperador, Leandro, Tucuruvi, Mancha, Vila Maria, Rosas de Ouro and Vai-Vai.

The trials started at 8pm and it will happen also tonight and tomorrow (special and access groups respectively). The schedule for tonight is this one: Afoxé, Águia, Tom, Mocidade, X-9, Gaviões, Império and Pérola.

The access groups (groups under the special group) scheduled for Sunday will be: Flor, Uirapuru, Barroca, Casa Verde, Nenê, Dragões, Camisa and Peruche.

Each school of the special group has to take at least 2 thousand people to the Sambódromo. The challenge is to fit the presentation between the maximum and minimum time they are allowed to. The special group have to cross the 530 meters of the runaway between 55 and 65 minutes. Penalties are applied if the School make a mistake. The access group have to do that between 50 and 60 minutes.

It's a worth visit because there are too much people evolved into the Carnival organization. It's nice to see how these people deal with the stressful situation during that Carnival mood. Nothing can go wrong for those that are trying to offer the best they could do. Every School of Samba has a big team working together to make it happen. Insidesaopaulo will provide some numbers of it soon enough.

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Rosas de Ouro on the Sambódromo last year, the winner of the Carnival 2009

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