Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pizza Day on Saturday celebrates the Sao Paulo's most famous dish

This delicious slice of pizza can be found at Speranza Restaurant

The pizza is definitely one of the most typical dishes of Sao Paulo and those that will be in the city this Saturday (July 10th) will have an extra reason to ask for it, once it is the Pizza's Day.

The Restaurant Speranza [phone: (11) 5051-1229], the first one in Latin America to receive the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana certification, is promoting their featured Neapolitan pizza. The deal offers 20% off (R$ 110) for buying two certified pizzas plus their home brand wine.

Pizza donation
The Restaurant Açafrão da Terra [phone: (11) 4612-0398] and three other restaurants have created the solidary Pizza, a project that will donate 20% of the profit to charities.

The Associação das Pizzarias Unidas de São Paulo will celebrate in style. As in the last four years, they will prepare a giant pizza, 2.30 meters in diameter at this time, which will be served on the institution.
[source: destak]

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