Monday, July 26, 2010

SubAstor has a special night every last Monday of each month

Every last Monday of each month, the bar SubAstor invites a super DJ and offers special drinks for the night. That's the right opportunity to give what the bartender Márcio Silva is able to prepare for you.
Besides the themed drinks, the success of the house are the cocktails Earl Grey and Martinez. The first and highlighted by Márcio is a very balanced and aromatic, that takes Gin, infused leafs of Earl Grey and lemon juice flamed with a zest of mandarin.

The second, where a bitter sweet flavour is camouflaged, joins Gin, Vermouth Rosso, a house special bitters and a flavor of peeled lemon.
[julian raimi by B.Coolt]

Where: SubAstor, rua Delfina, 163, Vila Madalena
When: It's open every day
How much: Earl Grey R$ 21, Martinez R$ 21

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