Monday, October 15, 2012

Have a look at the Sao Paulo Subway project until 2020

I found this study at the Terra website and I think it's very interesting for the insidesaopaulo audience. The São Paulo Metropolitan Railroad Network is expanding. Currently it is responsible for the transport of 7.2 million passengers every single day. Modern projects are currently developing the existing 335km network. The network is receiving the largest volume of investments in its history: at least R$ 45 billion will be invested in projects already defined.

In 2017, four new lines should be in operation in the "Paulista" Capital. Currently, four stations are under construction (4-Yellow, 5-Purple, 15-Silver and 17-Gold). The Secretary of Metropolitan Transport is also working on improvements to operation stations and optimization of existing routes. Check out how the current map and see the projections for 2020:

If you want to see the development of this project year to year, visit the Terra website and see for yourself. It is easy to understand.

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