Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 36th International Cinema Festival brings around 350 movies to Sao Paulo

Andrei Tarkóvski
The 36ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema of São Paulo started on October 19th and runs till November 2nd. This traditional event happens every year and lasts two weeks. This edition brings around 350 titles from more than 60 countries and in 28 different cinemas among theaters, museums and cultural institutions around the city. This year's selection provides an overview of the contemporary films around the world.

The 36th International Film Festival is organized on five sections:
  • Competição Novos Diretores (New Director Competition)
  • Perspectiva Internacional (International Perspective)
  • Retrospectivas (Retrospectives)
  • Apresentações Especiais (Special presentations)
  • Mostra Brasil (Brazil show)
What: 36th Mostra Internacional de Cinema
Where and When: Check out the schedule here (English)
Price: From R$ 9,50 to R$ 19

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