Monday, October 22, 2012

LAB Club is an innovative nightclub that offers a good music and amazing drinks. Check it out!

Lab Club
The LAB Club bar is located in an old shed at Rua Augusta that was partially renovated, keeping its main features. The club plays a great electronic sound but one of its most innovative characteristics is the beverages preparation. They use a style called 'Molecular'. Some equipments are used to change the physical and chemical structure of the ingredients creating new shapes and textures.

Among the highlights you can find Caipirinha, served as a "spaghetti" of rum, and Margarita with tequila-shaped skull, and also some molecular cocktails, like the Martini with mandarin watermelon caviar. But no worries, the house also offers traditional options of drink.

What: LAB Club
Where: Rua Augusta, 523
When: Thursday to Saturday at midnight
Price: The prices range from R$ 10 to R$ 40
Phone: +55 (11) 3159-1745

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