Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Bull Sounderground brings musicians from many parts of the world to play in Sao Paulo

Lewis Floyd Henry playing in Sao Paulo on 2010
Red Bull Sounderground is the name of the International Festival of Underground Musicians that will be held in Sao Paulo for the second time. Millions of people will have the chance to see the 19 attractions planned for this edition, which has the incentive of the Lei Rouanet (Law for Promotion of Culture of the Brazilian Culture Ministry) and the Área de Ação Cultural of the Metro and ViaQuatro.

The buskers (musicians who play in the subway) will be performing between October 22nd and 27th. This time, musicians from Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Paris and Sao Paulo are organized into 19 attractions in formations: solo, duo and trio. Check out the full schedule in Portuguese here.

The selection of artists was done through visits to major subway systems all over the world. There are rules that must be observed. Only 60 watts amplifiers powered by batteries can be used. Batteries and participation of DJs are not allowed.

Check out the list of performers and times (click on the Subway station to find out where it is):
Trio Labuta - São Paulo (Republica - October 22nd at midday)
Street Meat - Canada (Vila Madalena - October 22nd at 4 pm)
The Art of Fusion - Berlin (Brás - October 22nd at 4 pm)
Moremoney - Russia (Republica - October 23rd at 4 pm)
Bolero Trio - Montreal (Pinheiros - October 23rd at 4pm)
Theo Eastwind - New York (Brás - October 23rd at 4 pm)
Miguel Angel Aldunce - Chile (Sacomã - October 24th at midday)
Karikatura - New York (Barra Funda - October 24th at 4 pm)
HKB FiNN Ensemble - London ( - October 24th at 4 pm)
Steve Aruni - London (Luz - October 24th at 4 pm)
Ousman Danedjo - Paris (Vila Madalena - October 25th at midday)
O Bardo e o Banjo - São Paulo ( - October 25th at midday)
Duo Foleritmia - São Paulo (Ana Rosa - October 25th at midday)
Emerson Pinzindin - São Paulo (Luz - October 25th at midday)
Rafael Pio - São Paulo (Pinheiros - October 25th at 4pm)
Barbara Marques - São Paulo (Sacomã - October 26th at midday)
Cecilia Bellorin - Barcelona (Barra Funda - October 26th at midday)
Concerto de Rua - São Paulo (Ana Rosa - October 26th at midday)

On Saturday (October 27 at 5 pm), all the musicians will get together to perform at the Praça Victor Civita - located next to the Pinheiros station on the Yellow Line. The DJ Daniel Tamempi is the special guest of the event.

What: Red Bull Soundground
Where: On nine different Subway Stations of São Paulo
When: October 22nd to 27th
Price: For free

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