Friday, April 23, 2010

The cold weather back in Sao Paulo

The cold weather could be back during this week end starting from today, Friday, 23. The state capital have been facing hot temperatures and low relative humidity since 12 days. According to the Center of Emergency Management (CGE), the cold front intensifies especially between afternoon and night and the rains must have strong intensity. The risk of heavy rain in some neighborhoods is not dropped and the rains should be accompanied by gusts of wind, depending on the heat and sultry weather.

On Saturday, the weather gets rainy and temperatures should not exceed 23 ºC. The winds are blowing from the sea towards the continent, leaving a greater sense of cold. On Sunday, the weather still gets a lot of clouds and rains and isolated. Don't forget to keep in mind these suggestions of the meteorologist when planning your week end and follow our tips on what to do on Saturday and Sunday.

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