Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inline Roller Skate at Ibirapuera Park. It's possible to practice and learn a lot about it

If you are an inline Roller Skate mad, there is a place to be in Sao Paulo. The Ibirapuera Park has a huge and flat floor under the Grande Marquise (the great marquee) inside the park.

There is a group practicing regularly every weekend and they are welcoming with beginners. As you can see on the video above, they are really skillful and bring their own devices to practice for several hours. According to them, it's possible to practice even when the marquee is crowed.

No worries if you are a beginner. Even if it can seem hard to integrate with this skillful team, they can reserve some cones and teach something for those interested to learn.

But if you want to have some classes of inline roller skate, you can seek for Corvo (Crow). He is famous around there for helping people to learn some quick tricks. Despite not speaking any English, he already has taught some foreigners. "Body language is enough" according to him. The price must be arranged with him. A good deal is possible, if you apply bargain skills. Give a step at Ibirapuera Park if you are up to learn or practice a little bit of this interesting sport.

Other Options
Ibirapuera Park is also famous for hosting lots of sport meetings, not only on weekends. Every day there are plenty of groups practicing any sort of technique, ranging from Yoga to Capoeira. Go over there and try to find what better fits your fitness mood.

 Capoeira practicing at Ibirapuera Park


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