Sunday, April 18, 2010

Exhibition of Thiago Honorio brings the public reaction about the art as the main proposal

Thiago Honório is an artist born in 1979 on the Brazilian Northeast region who lives and work in São Paulo.

Trying to understand his style is not an easy task. Currently he organized an exhibition at Gallery Virgilio using two floors of the gallery. Once on the ground floor is an image of a solitary head "floating" on a mirror's structure that appears as on the photo.

On the second ground, the exhibition introduces a serie of objects, including ox horns, magnifying glasses, mirrors, leather hares, and so on... Thiago aims to create an interaction between the art and the public. That is the proposal.

Where: Galeria Virgilio, rua Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 426, Pinheiros
When: Monday to Saturday, from 10am till 7pm; Saturday, from 10am till 5pm. The exhibition ends on May 5th.
How much: for free

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