Thursday, April 15, 2010

New radars for drivers in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo received more than 25 traffic surveillance radars that will work on the streets of North and West areas of the city. The decision was published in yesterday's edition of the "Diario Oficial" and the radars are already working, according to the advice of the Municipal Transport.

The measure has the aim, among other factors, to improve the traffic and educate the drivers, in addition to the safety of users. Last year, traffic fines had already hit a record in the city and those related to high speed rose to 70% due to this more stringent control.

Additionally, these radars have more functions (besides the speed, they check drivers who don't stop at the red light, invasion of bus lane and even prohibited u-turn). In 2009, the CET has raised about R$ 40 million per month with fines. This revenue is used for the company's own expenses and partly for the maintenance and deployment of more radars.
[Folha de Sao Paulo]

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