Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Italian artistic group Kataklò will be on the stage tonight and tomorrow

The Italian company Kataklò will be on the stage today and tomorrow at the Teatro Alpha, at 21h, the show "Play" brings a strong sport inspiration.

Under the guidance of Giullia Stacciola, the group uses elements like bars, rings, balls and tennis racquets to compose choreographies, which simulate different sports.

On the road since 1995, this is the company's second time in the country - the first was in 2004. The Kataklò is known for open sports events, including the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000).

Teatro Alfa
Phone: (11) 5693-4000
When: Today and tomorrow (April 13th and 14th) at 9pm.
How much: R$ 60 to R$ 80

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