Friday, April 9, 2010

Safety: Avenida Paulista will receive a guide developed to teach how to avoid pickpockets

Next week, pedestrians will receive a guide developed by the Police Department aiming to teach how to avoid pickpockets that constantly bother the neighborhood.

Pedestrians moving along Avenida Paulista will receive from the next week, a guide showing how to behave so it will be easier to avoid becoming victims of assault on the boulevard.

About 49 thousand booklets will be delivered on 33 police stations throughout the region. In addition, the police will also distribute the guide in shops and hotels to teach security procedures to the staff.

The four police stations addressed in the region of Paulista Avenue reported about two thefts a day in the region. According to the police, responsible for the brochure, the pedestrian's attitude is determinant for the bandit's action.

People walking and talking on the phone, for example, are one of the main targets of criminals, a group formed usually by teenagers who live in abandoned houses and walking in pairs or bicycles.

This year, seven people, including under eighteen people, were arrested red-handed by the Police on the avenue.

Be careful but also don't be worried. It's safe but you have to be aware. Report via comment if something bad happened with you inside the city. It can be helpful to the people coming to visit the city.

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