Friday, April 9, 2010

Give me an advice! An interesting idea inside Sao Paulo

There is a box that has been circulating for the city's crowded areas. It does not call attention for its form or its vibrant colors, however, it carries an intriguing message. The box asks for an advice. The idea was of the designer Daniel Motta, 29. The box is carried around by Motta himself in strategic points of the city, such as Paulista Avenue, Ipiranga, the Park of Pinacoteca and the subway station Liberdade. In each place, a different reaction of the public measures the receptivity of the audience. There is not much explanation behind the need of an advice - the owner of the box is always there, although he does not explain anything to the people, he is always lurking, photographing, recording people's reactions.

The proposal is simple, but have you ever stopped to think about what advice would you give?

The box will continue to circulate in 2010. Meanwhile, Daniel is also thinking about leaving it in galleries and cultural centers throughout the week. Besides spending more time exposed, the box would have a safe place to seek the valuable help.
[veja sao paulo]


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