Friday, April 29, 2011

Gisele Bundchen reveals her new clothing collection in São Paulo

Thursday (April 28th), Gisele Bundchen launched a collection created exclusively for the fashion company and clothing store C&A at the Iguatemi Shopping Center in Sao Paulo. The model posed for photographers from the company's street showcase. The collection is based on her own casual daily style, and includes suits, blazers, dresses, shirts, and skirts in following colors: pink, purple, black, gray and white.

The collection, which is already available in stores, also includes jeans and accessories such as belts, handbags and boots. Even with the rain on Thursday, photographers and fans huddled in front of the showcase to see the model.

The smiling Bundchen appeared wearing a set of shorts and a black jacket with blue shirt and boots. She unabashedly changed her clothes right there in the showcase to show the rest of the collection.

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