Thursday, April 14, 2011

Metro of São Paulo is now the most crowded in the world

Sé Metro Station during rush time

The São Paulo metro reached 11.5 million passengers per kilometer of track over the last year. That number is 15% higher than in 2008, when 10 million users per kilometer were counted. It is the largest concentration of people in a single transport system in the world, according to the metro company.

In 2008, the Moscow metro moved 8.6 million people for every kilometer of track. In Shanghai, China, it was 7 million, according to the Community of Metros (CoMET, English acronym), an organization that brings together representatives of the 12 largest metro systems in the world.

While the total number of passengers increased, the satisfaction of those who use the system decreased. A survey called "the Metro According to its Users: A service evaluation" ("O Metrô segundo seu usuário: uma avaliação do serviço") from 2010 showed that 60% of respondents rated the Metro as "very good" and "good." In 2009, the notes were 67% positive. The survey has been conducted since 1974.

Sao Paulo is the only South American representative of the list of the world's largest 15 metros, on which Tokyo, Japan in the first place, with 3.16 billion passenger trips per year, Moscow, Russia in second (with 2 4 billion) and Seoul, South Korea in third (with 2.04 billion).
[source: community of metros (comet)]

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