Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tips for Italians visiting Sao Paulo 1/2

São Paulo is by far the most Italian city of Brazil, and is also known for its restaurants and great food. Combine these two elements, and you have one of the best places in the country to have a great meal.

Italians visiting Sao Paulo should keep in mind some easy rules to avoid bad surprises and to fully enjoy this gourmet city. Let’s start with the most typical Italian food: pizza!!!

Everyone in Brazil will tell you the best pizza in Brazil is made in Sao Paulo. Many people, especially locals, believe that the best pizza of the world is in Sao Paulo. Even if you disagree with this second statement, you must admit that Sao Paulo has many great pizzerie (which, in Portuguese, are called pizzarias).

Inside Sao Paulo has given advice in old posts, but would like to remind readers that Pizzaria Bráz and Pizzeria Speranza really offer quality, original Italian pizza, with typical Italian ingredients. These restaurants serve classic Margherita or Bufala at the Pizzaria Speranza, and you can try Pizza con alici (aliche in Portuguese) or Parma at Braz. You won’t miss pizza from Italy – that's for sure.

Downsides: pizza in Brazil is much more expensive that in Italy. Italians often have pizza for dinner when they don’t want to spend too much money, but that’s not the case in Sao Paulo. Brazilian pizza is often considered a more formal dinner, and for more than you pay for an entire pizza in Italy, you will only have a few slices in Sao Paulo. Brazilian people share pizzas! Avoid cheap pizza delivery “restaurants.” These are not the right places to get a good quality pizza, and the menu will scare you with all the strange pizza combinations.

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