Tuesday, April 19, 2011

InsideSaoPaulo wants to use thematic headers during commemorative events in Sao Paulo. Can you help us?

The Inside São Paulo Team would like to thank artist Denise Gariani for her help this week. She works at the Jornal da Tarde and made the Virada Cultural header for the blog entry on the event, which was published for the event last weekend (April 16th to 17th). The header was available from noon on Saturday until 7pm on Sunday. We are lucky to receive so many collaborations. Recently, Danielle from Danielle in Brazil has been helping us by proof-reading. Thank you very much Danielle!

Header made by Denise Gariani for the Virada Cultural 2011
We at Inside São Paulo would like to continue our collaborations in order to better present the next major events in the city of São Paulo. We will organize an agenda, with the dates of the next events for which there will be the possibility of using different headers. We would like to invite you to join. Follow our blog, because in the coming days, we will disclose the dates and the ways in which interested people can contact us to be part of it.

Thematic headers help important events stand out. They show that our blog supports these events. If you're the artist, they can also serve as a marketing tool for you.

The 7th edition of the Virada Cultural received more than 4 million visitors between 6pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. Hundreds of attractions were part of the event.

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