Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bus Fare rises to R$ 2.70 in January 2010

The increasing of 17.4% was calculated based on the inflation, according to the Mayor Gilberto Kassab.

The Mayor Gilberto Kassab has confirmed yesterday that the bus fare in the city will rise to R$ 2.70 next January 4th. Since November2006, the fare has been R$ 2.30. The increase hits 17.4% and according to the Mayor Kassab, the adjustment is equivalent to the inflation over the past 3 years.

During his political campaign of 2008, when he was trying to be reelected, Kassab promised that would not increase the fare in 2009. To fulfill his promise, the city spent about R$ 776 million to subsidize the fare on 2009.

Integration Ticket
The state government intends to implement in the second half of 2010 an Integration Ticket . The card will include the actual "Bilhete Único" (Single Ticket) - valid for bus, subway and CPTM on the capital - and will also be accepted by the intercity bus EMTU.

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