Thursday, December 3, 2009

Festival introduces delicious dishes from Thailand in Sao Paulo

Until next Sunday (November 6th) the Obá Restaurant brings typical smells, colors and flavors of the Thai Cuisine. The festival Kid Teung Muang Baht (missing in Thailand, in local language) is the traditional at Obá Restaurant and its current issue is open since August 26.

There are a wide variety of salads, snacks, sweets, baked and grilled dishes on the menu of the festival, prepared by Chef Hugo Delgado. The novelties are in some recipes using Noodles.

The new recipes
The Noodles are used in salad (R$ 24 if you prefer as appetizer and R$ 34 as main dish), and also used on the:
  • Mee Krob (thin rice noodles with typical sweet and sour sauce, pork and shrimp, R$ 38); 
  • Nar Gai Raat (rice noodles with chicken, broccoli and sauce consistent, R$ 35); 
  • Kao Soi Neua Soup (Chiang Mai Curry soup of egg noodles with meat and coconut cream, R$ 36).
Besides the new recipes, the menu has other options, among them the traditional Pah Baht (fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu and peanuts, R$ 37,50). For dessert, golden banana with coconut ice cream, rice pudding and sago pudding of tapioca.

Where: Obá Retaurant, Rua Dr. Melo Alves, 205 — Jardins — São Paulo 
When: November 26th to December 6th, for lunch and dinner. 
Phone: (11) 3086-4774 
How Much: about R$ 45 per person. 

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