Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Taxi Cab discount on weekend starts this Friday (December 4th) and already have 600 cars subscribed

About 600 taxi drivers have an interest in offering cheaper races. Price will be reduced by 30% on the night of Friday, Saturday and holidays.

After receiving results of a survey carried out with the population and taxi drivers, the City Council will release next November 4th (Friday) a program that offers 30% discount in the amount of the fare on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays from 8pm till 6am. The program aims to encourage the use of taxi instead of a car after consuming alcohol.

The service is only valid for registered vehicles, which will be identified with special stamps and a green light instead of the traditional white.

There are 35 thousand taxis in São Paulo and according to the City Council, about 600 taxi drivers have already shown interest in offering the discount.

A 30% reduction in the value of the night rate turns the price as same as during the daytime. The initial fare for taking a cab is R$ 3.50. During the day, each kilometer costs R$ 2.10 and overnight, the value rises to R$ 2.73. In the promotion period, the value remains at R$ 2.10.

The City Council set up 40 taxi points across the city, which are close to bars, restaurants and subway stations. Find out more on the list below by clicking on the link:

Central region
Rua Fernando de Albuquerque, close to the Rua Bela Cintra
Corner of Praça Franklin Roosevelt and Rua Nestor Pestana
Praça Dom Orione

Paulista's region
Alameda Itu, between Rua Augusta and Rua Padre João Manoel
Corner of Rua Bela Cintra and Rua Oscar Freire
Corner of Rua Melo Alves and Alameda Lorena
Corner of Alameda dos Arapanés and Av. Sabiá

Vila Madalena
Corner of Rua Fradique Coutinho and Rua Aspicuelta
Corner of Rua Fidalga and Rua Inácio Pereira da Rocha
Corner of Rua Wisard and Rua Harmonia

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