Friday, December 11, 2009

Sao Paulo Indy Race 2010 will be at Sambodromo and Marginal do Tiete on March 2010. Have a look on the map!

The Marginal Tiete should be the venue for the opening race of the Indy 2010. The race in Sao Paulo is scheduled for March 14th. The Indy Racing League and the Municipality of Sao Paulo decided that the runway will be 3.7 kilometers, passing through sambódromo Anhembi, by avenida Olavo Fontoura and the Marginal Tietê. The main straight is the track located at Marginal Tietê.

The region will need to go through works to receive the race. In addition to reinforcing the asphalt, the city will have to build chicanes on the track. There are no anticipated costs to turn the site into a street circuit, but the budget should receive an extra investment to build mechanisms to prevent rain interference in the race. The venue for the Formula Indy track was flooded with heavy rains last Tuesday (December 8th) and brought chaos to the city. The period of March usually receive heavy rains every year.

Map made for the Sao Paulo race track Indy 2010 [art: andré marcondes]

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  1. That map isn't the final one. Far from it actualy.

  2. We posted an updated version of the map of Sao Paulo Indy 300. Have a look on this link: