Thursday, December 17, 2009

This year, the Samba School Rosas de Ouro has two more warming up for the Carnival 2010. Don't miss it!

 Recording Video Clip at Globo Channel for the Carnival 2010

The Samba School Rosas de Ouro is organizing warming ups every weekend to keep the Samba on the foot's tip and full of swing. "Cacau é show!" (check it out on the video bellow) is the their theme for the next year and the auditions on the School's headquarter is the stage for the presentation.

It's possible to get in and be part of the auditions 'Ensaio de Escola de Samba' as it's called, inside the Samba School. The last presentations on this year will be on December 18th (Friday) and December 23th (Wednesday). The entrance costs R$ 10 and can only be purchased at the front office. Don't buy it on anywhere else.

Basically, the Samba School open it's doors at 8h30pm and they start to play at 10pm. They play the song of 2010 School's theme and everyone inside can dance and sing all together. It's also possible to have BBQ and beers for all night long. It's a really huge party, full of local people, tourists and overseas. It's definitely a worth visit.

Where: Rosas de Ouro, Rua Coronel Euclides Machado, 1066 — Limão — São Paulo
Phone: (11) 3931-4555

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