Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jacaré Grill is a perfect bar for flirting

Jacaré Grill is a bar/restaurant that is addressed on two different buildings divided by a street. For this reason, it seems like a big party every weekend, when the place gets crowed of people. The reason Brazilians flock over there, particularly on weekend afternoons, is to see and be seen, flirt, talk, and meet friends. One of the best Jacaré's features is the Caipirinha. On their website there is a video showing the preparation and it is something to try. That is the right place to have an authentic Brazilian most known drink. Among the Cachaças, I wold suggest a shot of "Espírito de Minas" or "Ypióca Ouro".

The variety of food included on the menu is quite big (there is an English version). The features are the curry empanadas, salads, grilled meats (that's why the name grill), chicken skewers with ginger and soya marinade, and pork tenderloins with a mango chutney. By the way, the advice is the 'petisco' called Rolê do Jacaré ("Picanha" of pork stuffed with cheese and baked in the coal with honey sauce). Definitely it's not a place for models or people under restricted diet!

Where: Jacaré Grill, R. Harmonia, 305/321 - Vila Madalena — São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Friday, from midday till 2am. Saturday, from midday till midnight and Sunday, from midday till 8pm.
Phone: (11) 3031-5586
How much: About R$ 30 per person.

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