Friday, July 17, 2009

Pizzeria Speranza Sao Paulo

This traditional pizzeria, that first openned it's doors on late 50's, brings the name of the main character of the family Tarallo. Dona Speranza was an authentic italian Mamma from Naples, that came to Brazil after the Second World War. The first restaurant was launched on Bixiga and introduced the pizza Margherita not only to Sao Paulo, but also to Brazil. It came together with the calzone and the Tortano (sausage bread from Naples). Late on 70's the suburb of Moema was chosen to host the second restaurant. Speranza is part responsable for the italian cookery in Brazil. Definetly, one of the best pizzas in Sao Paulo!


Speranza Bixiga
Where: Rua Treza de Maio, 1004 — Bixiga — São Paulo
When: Monday to Friday, from 6pm till 1h30am. Saturday, from 6pm till 2am. Sunday, from 6pm till 1am.
Phone: (11) 3288-8502
How much: Around R$ 35 per person.

Speranza Moema
Where: Av. Sabiá, 786 — Moema — São Paulo
When: Monday to Saturday, from 12pm till 3h30pm - 6pm till 1h30am. Sunday, from 6pm till 12am.
Phone: (11) 5051-7615
How much: Around R$ 35 per person.

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