Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pizzaria Braz, one of the best in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo is well known for its Pizzarias. I just realized we did not comment about any of the, so I am giving here a great suggestion: Pizzaria Braz. In reality there are different in the city but the one we always go is in Higienopolis, an elegant neighborhood. The history of the Pizzaria Braz is old, even if the one in Higienopolis just opened in 2001. The pizza arrived in Sao Paulo at the beginning of the century. At the time, it was prepared in homes in the neighborhood of Brás. The name of this pizza house was chosen in homage to this traditional Italian Neighborhood. The menu of Bras has more then 20 options, the starters are really tasty but keep some space for the delicious pizza. The ingredients are all fresh and of first quality. The atmosphere is cool, sometimes you’ll have to wait a while to get a free table but you can still have a beer and some snack of calabresa bread on the bar. The suggestion is to go during the week. Nobody will get disappointed.

If some of you already know Pizzaria Braz please let us know (on the comments) if you also think this is one of the best of the city or which one could be better!!!

: Rua Sergipe, 406 - Higienópolis — São Paulo - SP
: Every day from 6.30 pm
How much
: medium price.

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