Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drosophila pub

A great place to have a beer — close to the Paulista Avenue —, is the Pub called Drosophila. It's a 'tasty', light "lounge" with music (not live), food and a very different mood, full of objects addressing a creative decoration in a different way of using colors and pictures (as you can see by the pictures of toilet signs). Very good! The sandwich menu is a feature, but the suggestion is the 'frango com gengibre' (ginger chicken) and mango shutney sauce. A Heineken costs R$ 5. The price is average R$ 18 for a dish.

Where: Rua Pedro Taques, 8o, Consolação — São Paulo
Phone: (11) 3120 5535
How much: R$ 15 to get in and R$ 20 to get in plus a consummation voucher.

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