Monday, July 20, 2009

Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro via Bullet Train

The time of the Bullet Train journey connecting Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro that the federal government wants to build should be faster than airplane trip.

A study done by the Halcrow (British consultants) attending to a government request shows that the route could be completed in 93 minutes, 21% less time than the average of 110 minutes spent by the air companies that are currently available, including check in, boarding and arriving procedures.

But the technicians related to the project believe it unlikely will be ready to the World Cup 2014. Environmental licensing and actions against the expropriation can be the reason for the delay, according to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

Besides, there is an issue regarding about investiment. About 18% of the 91 kilometers route will pass through urban areas and it will demand tunnel structure. Because of that, the value could increase from the originally R$ 20 billion to R$ 34.6 billion.

A Bullet Train ticket will costs R$ 150, rising to R$ 200 during rush time.

The airline tickets currently cost about R$ 180 and R$ 400 during rush time.

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