Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Subway and Train

The Metro runs every day during the week from 4:40 a.m. and have different closing times of each station and the time limit to switch subway lines is midnight. Saturday the Subway extends its hours until 1am of Sunday and the transfer between the 3 lines is granted until the 1:00 a.m covering the lines 1-Blue, 2-Green and 3-Red. The line 5-purple runs from Sunday to Saturday, from 4h40am till midnight.

Subway lines map

The lines are the Blue, which covers the north-south route linking the Tucuruvi to the Jabaquara Stations. The Green Line goes under the Avenida Paulista connecting the Vila Madalena Station to Alto do Ipiranga Station. The Red Line, which is the east-west route linking Corinthians/Itaquera to the Barra Funda Station. The Purple Line, from Capão Redondo to Largo Treze Station. The system is growing, and the govern estimates delivery the new Yellow Line between the end of 2009 and 2012.

Average ticket: the subway has 8 types of tickets, classified according to their use:

• Exclusive
• Single: R$ 2.40 valid for a trip.
• Single ticket for the Purple Line: R$ 2.30 valid for a trip.

• Integrated
• Subway+Bus: R$ 4.10 valid for a journey (it can be bought at the Subway Station)
• Bus+Subway: R$ 4.10 valid for one trip (sold inside the bus integrated)
• Round Trip Subway/Bus: R$ 8.20 valid for two trips (on sale inside the bus integrated)
• Metro+EMTU (Metropolitan Train): R$ 4.50 valid for one trip (sold inside the Subway Stations and EMTU certified shop)

• Special
• Special Ticket for Retired people: Valid for 180 days and are distributed to users above 65 years old.
• Special Unemployed: Valid for 90 days and are distributed to employees dismissed without just cause, for at least a month and a maximum of six months and have worked at least six continuous months on the last job.

Bilhete Único - Integrated Ticket
It also makes integration between bus and subway lines. Information on the Subway website - - Phone: 0800 770 77 22 (Monday to Friday, from 7am till 7pm, except on holidays) or on the SPTrans website - - tel.: 0800 771 01 18.

Leisure Ticket - BLA
New method that provides discount pricing to use the Subway and CPTM (Metropolitan Train) every weekend between Saturday 6pm till the last service on Sunday. The Leisure Ticket can valid on holidays.

As the first purchase, in addition to the credit, it will be charged R$ 2.00 for the plastic card. The Leisure Ticket (BLA) uses the same technology of smart cards, and it's rechargeable in any Subway Station, news agency stalls or any other accredited shop. Click here and see where it's possible to purchase and recharge the Leisure Ticket.

The Leisure Ticket is accepted on Subway Stations an CPTM (Metropolitan Train). The 5-Purple Subway Line (Capão Redondo till Largo Treze) does not work on Sundays and holidays, so the Leisure Ticket (BLA) works on Saturday, from 6pm till midnight. This card can be used in sequence by more than one person, without access restrictions. The card is for exclusive use in the Subway and Train system and are not accepted on buses. In case of loss, the user must request the blocking of their credits at the service Fidelidade e Lazer placed at the CPTM Station Brás or at the Sé Subway Station. Information by phone 0800-7710118.

The Secretariat of Metropolitan Transport recommends to users that, after making the purchase of the card, is made in a registration sites or the Metro CPTM. Through this register will be guaranteed the replacement of electronic credits in the event of any loss or theft.

CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Transporte Metropolitano – São Paulo Metropolitan Transport Company) covers both peripheral regions of the city and Marginal Pinheiros. At Luz station terminal, subway and train integration is free. Subway and train system also connects at the following stations: Barra Funda, Brás and Santo Amaro. For further information, phone: 0800-055-0121 and


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  2. Thanks for this information. I would love to get something similar on the buses. I use them as much as possible, go to and try to figure out how to get from A to B. I have never found a full map, like the metro map, not even for parts of the city. Some bus-stops don't list buses that stop there (missing, damaged etc) and it's a bit difficult figuring things out. I find it's best to go to Google maps, click on starting point and end point, then switch option to public transit and finally check the result on SP Trans. Don't forget to check how to get back. It's good to have the SP Trans website but if you make a mistake in it's timetable page it isn't very flexible and may stop there. Also the maps connections never seem to work.