Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gift shop about Sao Paulo

If you always ask yourself: Where can I buy a gift in — or about — Sao Paulo? Or also if you wanna give a souvenir about the city to someone and don't know where to find something nice, take a note! The brand Sampa in Stamp has a shop full of thematic items about São Paulo. There are pins (R$ 5), t-shirts (R$ 39), mugs (R$ 15), bags (R$ 35), maps (R$ 35), posters (R$ 39) and picture books (R$ 70)... All about SP. Pictures landscaping skyscraps of the city, MASP or Copam building can be found at this shop. The niciest thing about buying something is the packed. For the t-shirts, it comes in a carbon box similar with a pizza box (connecting the famous paulista's habit of having pizza every time). Have a look and see if something match your search.


Shopping Center 3, Av. Paulista, 2069 (floor Augusta) — São Paulo

During work time.
(11) 3284-9804


  1. I bought two of these t-shirts last May because I'd like to show Sao Paulo outside Brazil, during my vacations in the US. The fabric is nice and they even offer some t-shirts made by recycled PET. Another place that used to sell t-shirts with Sao Paulo landscapes was Arte na Rua, with stores in a lot of malls here in the city.

  2. Hi Marcelo! Thanks for the advice. I'll get some information to prepare a post about Arte na Rua. If you or anyone else have something to say about this city, let me know so I can publish over here. Regards.