Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smoking Restriction Laws

This Friday (July 31st) 500Health Surveillance officers will be monitoring the whole state aiming to educate visitors, customers and traders about the new Smoking Restriction Laws coming up on next August 7th.

They are going to explain the new legislation establishing that cigarette will be forbidden inside closed places of collective use. The fine for those who break the law ranges from R$ 792,50 to R$ 1,585 in the first time.

[Photo: Luisa Santosa]
A huge hourglass was placed at the Oswaldo Cruz Square, close to the Av. Paulista, representing as countdown to the beginning of the Smoking Restriction. Some others were installed in the central areas of the cities of Campinas, Santos and Ribeirão Preto, and will remain for the next two weeks.

The Sao Paulo's State Government will spend more than R$ 1.5 million delivering gifts on the aim to promote this new law. This campaign has been planned just to Sao Paulo city.

About 810 thousand gifts, ranging from balloons, garbage bag for cars and pendrives. It will also be delivered 1.6 million brochures, stickers for cars and displays. For the public schools will be sent 3 million comic books.

The distribution will prioritize busy spots, such as parks, subway stations, bars and restaurants. The idea is to start a campaign next month, but it could be changed due to a possible bidding process.

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